Sara Claytor Reads “Musing on a Rose Tattoo” and “New York in Those Days,” 12/8/2015

Scott Owens Reads “Who Hasn’t Contemplated Civil Disobedience Stuck Behind a Tractor Trailer Carrying Chickens to Dobson, NC” 12/8/2015

March 2010:  Mike Smith, John Amen, Nancy Posey, Justin Ganser, and John Womack

February 2010:  Joanna Catherine Scott, Felicia Mitchell, Jessie Carty, Tony Ricciardelli, and Bill Blackley

November 09:  Lader and Grant

October 09:  Kaufman and Losse

September 09: Riviere-Seel and Molly Rice

August 09:  Campanella and Claytor

June 09:  Maginnes and Soniat

May 09:  Cox and Griffin

April 09:  Monroe and Pope

March 09:  Hice and Graham

One Response to “Videos”

  1. Maureen Sherbondy Says:

    Thanks for posting these. So great to listen to poetry readings from home.

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