Slight Change in Format for the Poetry Hickory 4th Anniversary Celebration

The response from poets for the Poetry Hickory 4th Anniversary Celebration has been much greater than I anticipated.  When I first planned on having this double book release party (my new book and The Best of Poetry Hickory anthology), I figured we would get between a half dozen and a dozen poets to come and read their one poem from the anthology, so I thought it would make sense to give the anthology a half hour and I would take an hour for mine.  Then when we went over a dozen, I changed it to where we would split the time evenly.  Now, we have 23 poets who will be there to read their poems from the anthology.  So, I’m still having my book release party, but I’m going to do just a brief (10 minute) reading from “Something Knows the Moment” just as a “warm-up” for the anthology.  We will split those readers in half and take a break in the middle so that people can buy books, get signatures and refresh their drinks.

I look forward to seeing you all at Taste Full Beans Coffeehouse in downtown Hickory on September 13.  The readings will begin at 5:30 and should wrap up around 7:00.  I will have plenty of copies of “Something Knows the Moment,” which retails for $14.95, and the anthology, which sells for just $5.  If you can’t make it, but you want a book, let me know, and I will work out the shipping with you.  And by the way, we will still have Writers’ Night Out at 4:00.

Here is a complete list of the poets currently scheduled to read their poems from what is a truly wonderful collection:

Jeanne Ackley

Hazel Benau

Jessie Carty

Bud Caywood

Ann Chandonnet

M. Scott Douglass

Bill Griffin

Helen Losse

Dennis Lovelace

Doug MacHargue

Shane Manier

Ron Moran

Scott Owens

Tim Peeler

Julian Phelps

Ted Pope

Nancy Posey

David Poston

Tony Ricciardelli

Molly Rice

Donnie Smart

Kermit Turner

Devona Wyant

and maybe more

Should be quite the Poetry Party.  Come for the anthology; come for my book; come for the poetry; come to meet some of these poets; come for the wine; just come for the good time!

I hope to see you there.

One Response to “Slight Change in Format for the Poetry Hickory 4th Anniversary Celebration”

  1. Karen Douglass Says:

    Good to see folks turn out for poetry. Enjoy!

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