Great news from Scott Douglass, editor and publisher at Main Street Rag, co-sponsor of Poetry Hickory!  Read below for some exciting news.  The only difference for the Poetry Hickory anthology is that because we have readings year-round, I will consider poems submitted from any reader from May through April, and for the first anthology, I will try to contact those who read back to May of this year and solicit poems from them.  If you are a PH reader, please include your mailing address on the poem you send me and any prior publication credit that needs to be acknowledged.  And keep in mind that while almost all PH readers will get a poem in the anthology, in the interest of space and quality I will be selective, so one or two of you might not make the final cut.  Here is Scott’s announcement:

For those unfamiliar with The Main Street Rag Reading Series, we currently co-sponsor six different events. Most are in North Carolina , but we have one in Kansas City and hope to be confirming another in Bowling Green , Kentucky in the near future. I’d also like very much to expand into my home state of Pennsylvania, as well as Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Ohio (to name a few). I mention these states in particular because they have logistical advantages for me. I wouldn’t mind having something in New York, California and anywhere in New England as well, since these are places where our magazine subscriptions are very strong, but some locations are more difficult to justify than others. That said, I will consider teaming up with anyone anywhere—so, if you are interested or know someone who might be, please contact me.


At any rate, among the benefits of having MSR as a co-sponsor are free books and joint promotions. Today, I am going to add to those benefits. Next year Main Street Rag will begin producing an annual anthology for EACH LOCATION where we are listed as a co-sponsor. I’ve already discussed this with most of the people who currently act on MSR’s behalf as hosts and they really like the plan. Here is how it works:


We will produce an anthology, similar in format to The Southern Poetry Review or The Greensboro Review. In other words, black ink on a card stock cover. This allows me to produce them inexpensively so we can sell them for $5-7. All will be limited to 80 pages and (probably) limited press runs of 250 copies. Contents can be poetry, fiction, non-fiction—whatever is read at the individual sites. It can be previously published as long as we are given the proper permission and credits. The caveat:  to be included in the anthology, it MUST have been read in front of an audience at one of the reading series we co-sponsor. Selection will be made by the host(s) from material read September through April so that they can deliver their selections to me in May for a book to be released at the end of the summer (the following September).


I will donate my time for set up and design. Main Street Rag will donate the material and production costs. Contributors will receive one copy each and must pick them up at the reading location (to save shipping/mailing expenses). Copies will be sold as a fund raiser for charity at the reading location ONLY and the host/editor of each location will decide where and how the funds will be dispersed. These will be limited runs, carrying a banner of “The BEST of the Main Street Rag Reading Series” along with a title relative to the location of the reading. For instance, the Hickory reading would be labeled something like:  The BEST of the Main Street Rag Reading Series, Poetry Hickory , 2011, edited by Scott Owens.


The goal is to give folks incentive to attend and participate in the readings and open mikes, to inspire new authors to become part of what we do and to use the proceeds for something worthwhile. For more details, attend one of our readings and ask one of the host(s).


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