Open Mic and Special Offer

The November Poetry Hickory is less than two weeks away now, and I’m starting to get excited.  I know Alex Grant and Bruce Lader will do a wonderful job with their readings.  As an update on the Open Mic for that night, I want to tell that currently registered readers include Jeremy Deal (one of my students at CVCC), Jessie Carty (once and future Featured Writer) and Anthony Alderman.

We’re also offering a book special this time around.  Anyone who buys a book from Alex or Bruce will get to choose a free book from our Main Street Rag title shelf.  It’s a perfect time to start buying gifts for the holidays, and what could be better than giving something as long-lasting as poetry.  Or, of course, it’s always a perfect time to read poetry.  So stock up!  Buy a book from each author, and get two free titles!

Looking ahead, our December reading will feature poets from the 2009 issue of Kakalak.  We’re expecting Lisa Zerkle, Beth Cagle Burt, Allison Elrod, Lynn Stanton, and me.  And who knows who else might show up.  It will be the Kakalak Sampler Show, giving you the opportunity to experience a wide range of poetry and poets in one night.

See you there!


3 Responses to “Open Mic and Special Offer”

  1. Bruce Lader Says:

    Scott, I appreciate the special book sale incentive. Great idea.


  2. Russell Ragsdale Says:

    Wow, wish I didn’t live so far away. This sounds great. love the new website.

  3. jessiecarty Says:

    Great offer!

    And as we chatted, hoping to read in November instead of December 🙂

    But, can’t wait for both nights!

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